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Puggle in Southern Indiana Needs Home

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I didn't join with any intent of posting this, but I'm currently attempting to find a good home for a coworker's Puggle. I just consciously realized that Puggle=part Beagle (and thus is on topic!). Basically, my coworker is young and took in a dog without any real consideration for what caring for a dog would involve. The dog is a two-year-old black female Puggle. She didn't come housetrained, so she's been banished to a small outdoor pen. She doesn't have much coat cover (being a Puggle and all) for the winter and she has a smushy face ill-suited for the summer. She reeeeally should live indoors. Had I not adopted my Beagle recently, I'd have taken her in a heartbeat. That I can't leaves me feeling super-guilty. Is anyone in the southern Indiana/northern Kentucky area interested in taking in a Puggle?
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Your friend needs to contact beagle and pug rescue and offer a 50-100$ donation to the rescue that takes in the dog. As well as the pup should be completely vetted and neutered.
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