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I'm betting he's been reprimanded for urinating on your parent's bed, which in turn will make him more nervous/excited and cause him to urinate out of fear. The simple solutuion to that is he should not be allowed on the bed anymore ... crate him overnight or get him a nice dog bed that can go in the bedroom. He'll still be near your parents, but has to learn his place is not on the furniture ...
Diet can also cause incontinance or frequent urination. What are you feeding him? We had similar problems when feeding Iams/Eukanuba & the problem is resolved on Merrick.
As for the excitement urination, I know it seems like a rotten suggestion, lol, but the only thing that will help that is to ignore it completely. When you come home, keep the greetings low key - don't pay attention to him until he's settled. I've also had luck eliminating submissive urination in a mutt by teaching him the "up" command. I just had him stand on his haunches for a few seconds, then would give him the "off" or "sit" command. For some reason, this did raise his confidence level, but not sure if it'd work for excitement urination, as well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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