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My best friend told me that her Lollie passed away last night. Lollie was a 10 y/o yellow lab and happened the be the daughter of my two labs (of whom, Roscoe just passed a few weeks ago). Needless to say, she is heartbroken and so am I. I doggysat Lollie many times and she was just like my own.

She had taken Lollie to the vet last week because of a lump she thought was suspicious. They did a biopsy and gave her Previcox for pain because it was hurting Lollie. The biopsy was inconclusive.

Mae said the Previcox made Lollie sick so they changed it, but Lollie still kept getting sick. Last night, she was vomitting and breathing heavily, and passed in my friend's arms.

Since it seemed like Lollie got sicker after the Previcox, my friend did some research and found that there are tons of dogs that had this same thing happen after taking it. So many that the manufacturer, Merial, has several cases open due to dogs' deaths from this drug.

Here's a link to a website where many who lost their pets to this drug tell their experience.


Please, be very leery if your vet tries to prescribe this drug. There are many other pain relivers, so why even take the chance.
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