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Prayer needed for Pooh Bear

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You all remember a few weeks ago I took a urine sample in to the vet as Pooh Bear was drinking water a lot and peeing often. The urine sample showed some blood in it and then blood work showed his pancreas levels up. The vet questioned what we were feeding him and found that we had been feeding him ham recently. Vet said no ham or pork, that that could have been the problem. I have been watching him like a hawk and feeding only dog food and Milk Bone Dog Bisquits and boiled chicken for treat. He acts ok, just somewhat lethargic. Still drinks lots of water. He is a laid back fella anyway, but he is more wanting to just lay around. I took another urine sample in today to be rechecked. He still has blood in his urine. But no white blood cells which would indicate an infection. The vet is sending the urine off to be cultured to look for cancers. That scares me to death! She wants to rule out any cancers. If cancers are ruled out, she is going to put him on an antibiotic and try to get rid of whatever this problem is. I am praying for no cancers!!
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We'll keep you both in our thoughts and hopefully all will go well. Is ham/pork typically bad for dogs?
Our vet said not to feed pork or ham to dogs. I'm not sure exactly what it does. But in some dogs it can cause Pancreatitis. And I think you can get Pancreatitis from eating fatty foods.

Here is something from an Internet site:

"In a large number of cases, according to Dr. XXXX, the cause of pancreatitis remains unknown. During holiday seasons, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving, Dr. XXX says he sees many more cases of pancreatitis at the clinic due to high fatty meals."
I'm sorry that Pooh's still not up to snuff, and will send up prayers for him. It's scary that the vet is looking for cancer, but also good that she's covering all bases. Will hope that you get an encouraging report.
Poor Pooh Bear.... I'm praying right there with you that the sample is clear for cancer
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I will include Pooh in my prayers tonite. I'm sorry you and he are having to go through this. I will make sure the girls pray for him as well.

Also, thank you for advising everyone on the dangers of some "people food". I have been trying to express that to my parents for years that certain "people foods" do indeed harm our little four legged loved ones.
:heart: Praying for Pooh on this end, also!
I am sorry to hear this. We will keep you and Pooh in our prayers.
We sent off two biopsies on my honorary beagle, Kelsey-Bad today. Lumps-one on her neck and one above her eye.

I'm sorry that you and Pooh are waiting "the wait" as we are. We will definetely include Pooh in our prayers.

I'm praying for Pooh Bear as I type. I hope that there is no cancer. Give him some extra belly rubs and Beagle kisses from me and Jersey. :heart:
Good vibes coming from this direction too that Pooh bear is okay.
Praying for Pooh Bear over here and sending hugs and kisses.
my prayers this morning are for pooh alone.
Sorry to hear about this "M2B"! Goober recently scared the heck out of me on christmas eve by nearly dying of old age! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif I/We pray that your beag "gets one more chance at life like Goober did"! Beagles have a very strong will to live...& can recover from nearly any problem to "visit their food-bowl" one more time! :evilgrin: Btw, Pork products are not the "healthiest" things to feed any "omnivour", but as luck would have it... I had plenty of ham-broth to nurse him back to health as that was the ONLY thing I could pursuade him to drink & eat some ham! (Small wonder Homer Simpson LOVES ham so much...Matt Groening surely owned a beag or he was inspired by Charles Shultz)!!! :thumbup:
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Pooh is in our thoughts!!
we will pray for a simple solution, too! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
just a little antibiotic to heal him, please.
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Prayers and good healing vibes coming Pooh's way. I hope you get good news.
Prayers and positive thoughts for Pooh Bear. Hope all goes well.
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