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Potty Training

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Beanie (10 weeks old) is having a very hard time with her potty training. She frequently pees and poops on the carpet inside my home. I have been taking her out as often as I can, but she refuses to go outside! Sometimes, we are out for half an hour at a time and she still will not go. However, once we are back inside, she will bolt off to do her business in random corners of my house!

Also, seeing as how I live in the wonderful, but awfully cold, Canada, it's difficult to be with her outside for prolonged periods. I was wondering if I should try paper training her, and then trying again to tell her to go outside in the warmer months? It's very cold outside and I'm afraid that she's going to catch a cold being the wee pup that she is. It also doesn't help that it started snowing heavily about an hour ago!

I'm really getting very stressed out, and would appreciate any advice or comments!
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We had the same problem with Casie, and he's 18 mos. old. He is a little guy, not much insulation on him. Often he would get up and go----- right then. I found him the warmest coat I could find, put it on him and then stood inside the door to watch that he did something. The second, he did something I pulled him in, and gave him a treat...then sent him out again, to finish his business. He was so busy watching Cobi that he didn't take time to do his own deeds. He still will have accidents...and I can't leave him out when the windchill is -40 degrees. But I keep thinking, he knows where the door is, he knows what he has to do to get a treat (oh, and this was a special pee/poo treat, not given any other time) he'll do it and get it over. It's been a slow process, but slowly he's catching on. Summer is coming and then we have 4 months to get them trained and ready for next winter. Maybe she is so small, her bladder isn't ready for long periods of not being able to get out? Who knows?

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