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Potty Training

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Beanie (10 weeks old) is having a very hard time with her potty training. She frequently pees and poops on the carpet inside my home. I have been taking her out as often as I can, but she refuses to go outside! Sometimes, we are out for half an hour at a time and she still will not go. However, once we are back inside, she will bolt off to do her business in random corners of my house!

Also, seeing as how I live in the wonderful, but awfully cold, Canada, it's difficult to be with her outside for prolonged periods. I was wondering if I should try paper training her, and then trying again to tell her to go outside in the warmer months? It's very cold outside and I'm afraid that she's going to catch a cold being the wee pup that she is. It also doesn't help that it started snowing heavily about an hour ago!

I'm really getting very stressed out, and would appreciate any advice or comments!
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Originally Posted By: Brien & Bodie
Are you using crate training? If not, you really should. It will help greatly in creating a schedule for Beanie and her learning to hold it.
Toilet training isn't about teaching dogs to 'hold it'. A baby puppy is not physically able to hold their toileting for long lengths of time as their bladders etc are not fully developed.

I would never ever force a puppy to hold it. People I know who crate train get up every couple of hours through the night to let their puppy outside to toilet (for the first couple of weeks) slowly decreasing the time as the pup's body develops.

Toilet training for me is about teaching the puppy where to toilet, any time I suspect a pup needs to go I take them outside and give big rewards for toileting outside. If I catch them in the act, I wordlessly pick them up and put them outside and give them lots of praise. You need to learn to read the signs of when they might be able to toilet, sniffing, going around in a circle, take note of when they last ate and drank etc. Toilet training is all about consistency and lots of praise!
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