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Hi Jenny

I am afraid that is very normal for a 11 week old puppy. They have tiny bladders and cant hold much and they will pee in beds or carpets if you dont get them out quick enough

The secret is consistancy. With Gwenni (now 16 weeks) I took her out every half hour or after she had woken up or had a meal and stayed outside with her and when she did a pee or a poo I praised her and used a word to capture the event ie "Good Wee Wees" "Good Toilet" etc.

Eventually they get used to you asking them to go using that word and associate it with being outside.

But it can be hit and miss, Gwenni starts playing with the other dogs inside and forgets and has a accident, dont scold as they cant help it. They will get bigger in time and have better bladder control and will ask to go out side. You will have to be patient with him.

Gwenni pees on her bedding if I am too slow to let her out the puppy pen but 90 per cent of the time will ask now but still has foprgetful moments. You cant expect too much from a tiny baby puppy. Gwenni is still the tiniest little thing.

Another point is that I would restrict how much running about your boy does, tiny puppies have soft growth plates and you dont want him to bomb about or climb stairs or furniture and damage his joints or loose important bone mass in his growing stages. I feed calcium or bone meal with my dogs food as it helps keep the bone mass on the dog (if they lose bone mass as a puppy from not being fed right and or being over exercised it ruins their adult frame and they can have small joints) I am a dog walker and have seen dogs ruined by not enough proper care in puppyhood.

I also crate Gwenni in a puppy pen/crate for two reasons, one to stop her getting hyper and over stimulated and can get her sleep. and two it gets them used to being crated and in a secure place. and you can get on with things without pup getting under your feet

I would handle pup as much as you can, get them used to you examinining their feet, their faces their teeth, groom as much as you can with a soft hound glove so they will stand still for you, A asset is a dog that can be handled when you go to the vet (I learned this one with first dog who was a nightmare at vets and was a bucking broncho beagle and took three people to hold him)

I would also try and clean his teeth daily with dog toothpaste, you can use your finger, a puppy tooth brush or a ffinger brush. keeps the teeth tartar free and used to you handling his mouth (an asset if you ever need to extract anything from his mouth)
Lovely photos by the way he is very photogenic
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