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I totally agree with Hellen. A pup cannot be trained until he is about 16 weeks of age. However, if you remenber the golden rules, he may never have an accident as long as you are home with him. Off course, you are the one being trained!
Here are the rules: puppy needs to pee each time he changes activities: after he eats, he drinks, he plays, when he wakes up, after a walk, after a bath... So remember to take him out right after and he will pee out. Pups who had a trained Mom or Dad do learn better and faster as they discovered right away that this is what outside is for.
The most common mistake is to take puppy for a walk or a game, and to take him in as soon as the walk or game is over. Within minutes, puppy pees inside. This is avoided by staying in the yard with him after you come back from your walk or after you stop the game to give him time enough to pee, EVEN IF HE PEED WHILE PLAYING OR DURING HIS WALK.
Good luck and how fun it must be to have an 11 week old puppy!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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