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I never saw any other dogs do this, but when Mizu goes out to pee he always has his toy in his mouth. Does anyone else's bealge do this ?
He looks so cute doing it. I take him out, he squats and pees. Sometimes he looks around to see if anyone else is watching. The get right up and off we go back inside. He never lets go of his toy until we get inside. He never does this after breakfast or dinner time either cause he has poop right after meals. It's only those in between potty breaks that he does this.

Oh and another question. Mizu is a male beagle and still squats to pee. He tries to sniff poles and trees but I stear him the other way. When do they start lifting their leg to pee ? Or do they not do this after being neutered /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif
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