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A lot of yard proud people don't appreciate it when dogs potty on their yard because they're afraid the urine will damage their grass. I try to remember that, even though I think they can be a bit obsessive. I try to walk Shiloh around our yard when we first go out, so that hopefully she will get all her pottying done before we start out. But it doesn't always work. Like the other day I stopped to talk to a neighbor and while we were chatting her husband came out and sort of stared pointedly at Shiloh. I glanced down and she was peeing! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif I felt bad, but I mean what can you do? I try to keep Shi off this guy's grass when we're walking, but sometimes things just happen.
I've seen a couple of products at the pet store that you give your dog and it's supposed to stop urine from damaging the lawn. I don't know how effective that would be, though. Or how safe.
Teaching a dog to use a potty box doesn't seem like a good idea to me either. I've always thought it was sort of instinctive for a cat to bury her doings, and that's why a litter box works for them. But I don't think it's natural for a dog to do that--so how would you teach it? And after you've taught them not to go in the house, seems like it would be really confusing to start saying it's okay! (Besides, I have enough to do just keeping up with Mr. Poe's litter box detail! :hi: )
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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