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Potty box

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Not sure if this is right place for this subject but it has to do w/ my puppy. Has anyone heard of the the "pet a potty". It's an indoor box for your dog to do his thing on when you don't have access to grass. Like if you live in a high-rise condo. Anyhow I was thinking about getting this but not sure yet. Some guy where I live told us not that HOA would appreciate it if our dog did not go on the grass..Let me tell you 85% of the people that live here have a dog or dogs...I've seen other dogs potty here and there.. and of course this guy had to say something to us. The other day he was checking his mail and so was I...I had Mizu with me and he went pee on the grass and the man gave me the most dirtiest look ever.. I was like huh ??? What the heck is wrong w/him.. so anyways..
anyone heard of used the potty box ???
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please dont let this guy take you and your dogs rights away. i went through the same problem for 6 yrs with my old lab here where i live.
just cause some guy dont like it doesnt mean you dog cant do it. ive heard of the potty box. now think of all the pee thats gonna back up in that box and cause your place to stink. thats just for starters. your dog has a right to be outside and to do the things dogs do. now if the community has rules that you gotta pick up poo behind your dog, thats another story. who is this guy? somebody that just lives there?
ok ok ok, this is not the place for me to rant,PM me and i'll continue. your question about the box, no i wouldnt have one.
I agree. I would not let that man, whoever he is, bully you around. Your dog has a right to use the bathroom outside. I know the HOA may not like it, but they cannot say the dog cannot use the bathroom outside. They may require you to pick-up poop. We have a HOA here too. I've never had anyone tell me anything like that. That man probably does not like dogs, but he can just get over it.
I would check the aggreement/contract you signed to see if it says anything about pets; dogs in particular going outside on the property. If it doesn't say anything just make sure you carry the poop pick-up bags around with you and clean up after him that way this guy doesn't have a leg to stand on.

I wouldn't do the potty box just for the fact that it's not normal or natural for the dog and once you get them into the habit of going inside it's very,very hard to break.

Do you have a dog park around you, or someplace where he can run and run? Beagles tend to put on weight very quickly if they're not exercising appropriately so make sure he's getting plenty of exercise.
A lot of yard proud people don't appreciate it when dogs potty on their yard because they're afraid the urine will damage their grass. I try to remember that, even though I think they can be a bit obsessive. I try to walk Shiloh around our yard when we first go out, so that hopefully she will get all her pottying done before we start out. But it doesn't always work. Like the other day I stopped to talk to a neighbor and while we were chatting her husband came out and sort of stared pointedly at Shiloh. I glanced down and she was peeing! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif I felt bad, but I mean what can you do? I try to keep Shi off this guy's grass when we're walking, but sometimes things just happen.
I've seen a couple of products at the pet store that you give your dog and it's supposed to stop urine from damaging the lawn. I don't know how effective that would be, though. Or how safe.
Teaching a dog to use a potty box doesn't seem like a good idea to me either. I've always thought it was sort of instinctive for a cat to bury her doings, and that's why a litter box works for them. But I don't think it's natural for a dog to do that--so how would you teach it? And after you've taught them not to go in the house, seems like it would be really confusing to start saying it's okay! (Besides, I have enough to do just keeping up with Mr. Poe's litter box detail! :hi: )
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im glad to see we all stand together on this.
this guy is probably a jerk from the word go.
as far as giving something to your dog so it wont ruin the grass, no way. im not putting anything thats not natural in bernies body. hard enough for me to go get him shots.i bet that this guy wouldnt have said a word if it were your hubby out with the dog. this topic gets me fired up.
i had to deal with an idiot like this that lived next to me for several yrs. you have no idea the problems he caused me. it was unbelieveable.
I can understand the being upset about poop on the grass but pee? It's only going to ruin/burn the grass if the dog goes in the same spot all the time. We had that problem with Amber. She had her "spot" that she always went at and it eventually killed the grass there. Would they rather the dogs peed in the road or on the sidewalk? I would think that would be worse!

As for the box, I've seen them but I wouldn't do it in your case. I could understand if there was something wrong with your dog and couldn't handle going up and down stairs or something like that, but otherwise, you don't want to teach them it's OK to potty inside.
Hi guys!!
Well I was very upset about this..I had to dig for the packet of rules..It says NOTHING about where pets can go and can't...So I called HOA this morning and told them what had happened. I asked is there a designated "grass area"?? He said no there is not. He said as long as I clean up after him there is no problem which I ALWAYS pick up his poop & if I forget a bag I walk back to get one.. There are some people who do not..This guy was such a jerk!!!Gosh...I do not know what his problem was...and I for sure DO NOT want to get the potty box...
Quote:Originally posted by JennyC:
so anyways.. anyone heard of used the potty box ???
I have friends who have litter trained their dogs; they have small dogs however.

From day one, a pee pad was placed on top of a litter box, and gradually, over a period of several weeks, the pads were cut smaller and smaller, until the dog was conditioned to use the litter box without the pee pad.

It works beautifully for them!
I'm glad to hear you have the contract and the rest of the HOA on your side :thumbup:
carry a copy with you of the contract. if you see this guy again and he says something, pull it out and ask him if he could show you where it says anything about dogs doing their business.
i bet he declines.
Our doggies pee all over our back yard and the grass is beautiful. Pee doesn't hurt grass at all as far as I can see. That guy is just a jerk!!
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