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For those of you who have had bitches that have had litters-how long do they usually bleed or have mucousy show after birth? I know for humans the first 6 weeks can have bloody stuff, but I am just curious if there is some cut off for this.

We are about 12 days post-partum here-she did get rid of her placenta and everything, but seems to be spotting and dripping still. so I am just curious. It had stopped for a few days then started back up again. I have a hard time palpating her fundus (her uterus) because her teets are so big and full..

On the bright side the pups are about 4 times the size they were at birth, and if I can get my computer to cooperate long enough I will be posting some new pics!!
Judi and the gang.

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I know our last bitch, Spotty, needed clean sheets for at least a week, due to bleeding. However, if you are concerned please ask your vet, just to make sure.
Great news that the pups are doing well, yes please put some photos on soon.
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