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Marley is on Eukanuba puppy. He was most recently on 2 cups per day, 1 am and 1 pm. Then at 8 months (this month) we dropped him down to only a cup (per the guidelines). Now, we think he may not be eating enough, so we do about a cup and a half sometimes instead. He is not losing any weight, so guess the 1-1.5 is ok.

Question, he does not poop nearly as much as he used to. He used to get walked on average 4 times a day (and let out to pee 2 more times). He would poop 3 to 4 walk times. Now it's like begging him to poop. He will do about 2 and they are light loads. Yesterday he didn't poop at all but he did first thing this morning.

What's up? Is this ok? Is it because he is on half the food?

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I think it makes sense. When he was on 2 cups, there was much that was just not being digested, therefore - many poops.
Now that he is on less food, and as long as he's not losing weight - it's fine, he just digests most of it, and what ever is left.... that's your poop right there!

Just shows that even the 2 cups were a lot. It just amazes me how the body regulates itself when the dog is active and well fed, so that they won't gain weight.... amazing!
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