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Roscoe is the only one with poop issues.

1. He can be jumping, barking, crying to go out like its gonna fall right out of him and as soon as we go outside, he gets distracted and doesn't go! Sometimes we go back in and it can be hours before he actually goes! Don't get it.

2. Once outside to finally poop, he can never find the perfect spot. If not going for a walk we have one area of the yard for the dogs to do their business in, it is pretty big! Roscoe will sniff, sniff, sniff, squat as if he is going to go and then hop back and forth for another minute (almost as if in a panic) and then finally go!

3. Sometimes on a walk, I say he gets confused. He lifts his leg as if to pee and then whoops! other end. Funny thing though, he doesn't change positions. Do you know how difficult it is to get poo off of a tree trunk???

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