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Okay, where to start?!

Popcorn is like Zelda - she likes to poop out in the open (so no one can attack her while she is indisposed... she is always on high alert) and one place that is right out in the open is the middle of the street... very embarassing to have to hold off traffic to let her finish and pick up!

Buzz is like Charlie - he sometimes lifts his leg to pee on a post or tree and then decides that isn't going to happen so he does this cool curling/twisting move and poops instead. Unlike Charlie he doesn't only have one specific tree that causes this - it seems to just be his mood.

And then Moosie - he poops on three legs with one of his back legs pointing forward (just like shoot the duck for anyone who took skating lessons when they were a child...). I don't know if the leg that shoots forward is the one he was shot in, and maybe this came about as a result of that, or he just likes it that way. It does get lots of strange looks, though!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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