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Poo eating???

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Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and if anything has worked to stop it?
Baxter will gobble up fresh, old, anything.
We tried for-bid, but he just kept eating through the treatment.
He knows not to do it when i am there, because I scold him. But if he is alone he does. I want so badly to let him out to run the yard, but I dont want him to come in and have his poopy mouth licking me kwim? And he is a licker!!!
Thanks in advance.
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My Ella used to be terrible for this. [PLEASE READ NO FURTHER IF SENSITIVE AS THIS IS GROSS] A couple of times we even caught her behind Holly, a lab, catching it before it hit the ground, fresh from its source. [/GROSSNESS]

A close eye and rapid clean up have helped but one thing that was suggested by our trainer is that so many cheap dog foods contain that much indigestible matter, particularly wheat as a bulking agent, that it comes out of the other end pretty much as it went in, at least to heightened beagle senses. With a better diet all that comes out of the other end is waste and she has no interest in that.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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