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Poo eating???

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Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and if anything has worked to stop it?
Baxter will gobble up fresh, old, anything.
We tried for-bid, but he just kept eating through the treatment.
He knows not to do it when i am there, because I scold him. But if he is alone he does. I want so badly to let him out to run the yard, but I dont want him to come in and have his poopy mouth licking me kwim? And he is a licker!!!
Thanks in advance.
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There are some treatments out there that helps address Coprophagia. Doing a quick search online (therefore, this is not a recommendation):

I've also heard/read of home remedies where Tobasco sauce with the dog's kibble can help deter this behavior. I haven't tried it yet, however. I've tried to do what Zookeeper suggested--pick up the poop as soon as possible.
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