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Polly's First Snow

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Polly loved the snow and had no problem jumping around in it. (about 2-3 inches)

she liked to eat it while doing her "business"

And her nose is covered in snow--so cute! :heart:

and this one is my favorite! She's being careful to jump up on the deck, and her nose is all snowy!
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Wonderful pictures. We have had more snow than usual this year and Maggie loves it. I make her come in to warm up because our temperatures have been staying below freezing.
Bless what a sweetie, lovely pix
Great pictures -- I love Polly's coloring against the snow!
She's so adorable! I love her markings. It looks like she liked her first snow.
What great pictures! Polly looks like she enjoyed it.

I'm jealous though. Maggie and Jasmine haven't even seen there first snow yet! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif

They are talking flurries maybe Thursday into Friday?
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I think it is coming your way pfr! We got a bunch here last night and Toby has has a "snow nose" too! Polly is super cute! Thanks for sharing. Julie
I love the pictures! I wish Lucky could play in snow but I doubt we'll ever get any here in SC. We only get ice, rarely do we get snow.
Lovely photos, I adore the black mark on her head!
aaawwwww she looks like she is enjoying the snow !!

What a cute little black dot she has on top of her head !!
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