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Poll: How much does your beagle sleep?

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Curious - puppy or grow up beagles... how much shut eye do they get??
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He sleeps like 16 hours out of every day. Man, my baby is lazy!
Ours are 8 years old now. If we are both working, they will sleep all day except when hubbie comes home for lunch for an hour. We come home from work around 5 and they are up till bedtime around 9 or 10 p.m. Then they sleep all night with us.

If I am off they are up and outside most of the day playing or sunning, with little naps here and there.
I would like to say that Chloe sleeps most of the day when I'm gone at work... but I doubt it. I think that at least half the time she is walking back and forth to the door.... upset.... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif
When I'm home, she plays, sleeps a little, play... you get the point.
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My two pups get probably 10-16 hours of sleep a day, and they seem pretty OK with it! They wake up with us in the morning for play time, then they sleep again after we leave for work or school, usually 5-8 hours, then in the evening they are out and about playing until probably 11pm when they decide it's bed time, and usually zonk out on the couch or in their cage depending on where the humans are at the moment. They then get one last walk around midnight and go back to bed until the next day to start it all over again! Ah, the life of a dog.
Ours get around 16 due to work/sleep schedules, but they also sleep some when everyone's home at night, so it could be 18 hours or more. It's so difficult being a doggie /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif
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Hunter is 5 years old and sleeps alot. I would say if she is not eating or going for a walk she is sleeping. Casey will be 2 and hardly ever sleeps. Too much to do!!
Between 12-16 hours is average for most dogs. Cats sleep more, on average about 16-18. It's a hard life being a dog or cat isn't it lol
Bridey sleeps a lot -- probably 16 hours, including all night (or mostly all night) with me.
Alot. Wish I was a Beagle /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/freak5.gif
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hahahaha ahhhh its a dogs life /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif


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I can't say how many hours for sure but I know Jersey sleeps a lot. When she was a puppy she slept even more. I'd say she spends about half of her day sleeping plus 8 hours at night.
Maggie is soon to be 5 months old, and for the most part she sleeps straight through the night, then during the day she alternates with being up for a couple of hours, then sleeping for a couple of hours. Just depends on what's going on.
Henry will be 2 in September, and he sleeps a good bit, probably 16 hours a day, easy. It must be nice, lol.
Bagel sleeps at night when I sleep and naps off an on during the day. I'd guess 12 to 14 hours a day of napping, resting and sleeping.
I have never really taken time to jot down how much Abby sleeps. I figure when she's tired she'll sleep and when she doesn't want to sleep she won't.
Booker sleeps 22 or so hours a day (24 hours - time out for walks). She basically is either out on a walk or sound asleep (plus a ten minute or so period of activity for dinner). And it isn't just because she is 11 - she was like that when we adopted her at 3 1/2!!

Popcorn and Moosie are probably more in the 14-16 hour category like the other adult beagles here. They do actually play and hang out during the day doing things other than sleeping!
I know this thread is old, but we got our first Beagle and was thinking man this guy sleeps alot!

I keep hearing how active they are from everyone I know, not this guy.

B Dawg sleeps most of the day unless he is eating or we r going out fishing or for a walk.

So from what I have just read he is normal.
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