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Hi everyone, this is Java commandeering my human's computer to inform everyone of a recent intrusion to my home. This 3 year old beagle thinks she's soooo pretty. She may have suckered my humans, but she does NOT have me fooled whatsoever! Anyhoo, I felt it was my civic duty to tell all of you to be careful this holiday season. Look out for all those evil little beagles trying infiltrate your home and steal attention and liver treats.

In the meantime, dad's forcing me to be nice to Lilo. Something about being part of the family. He wants me to call her sister, but that's pushing it. I mean, it's MY job to destuff toys and animals. I'm just sayin.

I wish I were better on the 'puter, because I'd create some good Wanted posters. In the interim, please see these pics and make sure you're not tricked.

Name: Lilo. (formerly known as Carmel, Carmen)
Age: 3 years
Size: itty bitty 20lbs
Favorite hobbies: destuffing
Color: tri


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