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Please read before posting.

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To check the size of your images using your web browser you can follow the instructions below:

<ul style="list-style-type: disc">[*]Right click on the picture[*]Click on properties[*]Look for dimensions[/list]

Images must be under 650 pixels for the all areas of the message board except the Large Photo Format Area. This is a picture of a dragon fly that would be able to go into any section of the message board. If your pictures are this big or smaller, feel free to put them in the Beagle Discussion Area or in the relevant area.

Images for the Large Photo Format area must not be any larger than 1024x768 pixels in width or height.

The picture below is a picture of my little buggy that is 1024x768. If your picture is bigger than this one you will need to resize it to fit or it will be turned into a direct link.

EXAMPLE of direct link: http://www.ourbeagleworld.com/howto/buggy-1024x768.jpg

If you have questions or need help resizing, hosting or posting your pictures don't hesitate to Private Message an Administrator or Moderator.

If your pictures are the correct width or size to upload on to the site via our File Manager and you keep getting File Size to large message you may be able to reduce your Resolution of the photo to around 75 (Lowest Quality) to 150 (Medium Rating) and this will reduce the file size quite a bit.

The larger or higher the resolution the better the quality of the photo however the average computer monitor will only display a resolution of around 150. A high resolution base is better for printing photos on paper or film.
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