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Please pray for Sadie

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Sadie has hurt something. She is walking around with her tail down unable to get comfortable. She has mild hip dysplasia and has a bad disk. She must have aggravated something. She would not eat her breakfast, which is unusual. I'm going to have her down at the vet at 8:30 this morning. I want to take her to emergency vet, but I know I should hang in here and see our regular vet as they know her history. I'll let you know something later. Be thinking about our brave girl that everything seems to happen to her.
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We had Cleo and Jasmine on Deramaxx for a long time. It was hard to tell how it worked for Cleo, but Jasmine really responded well with it. She would only use three legs and she couldn't squat because of her arfritus and the Deramaxx got her back on all 4 legs. We always gave it to them with their dinner to avoid upset tummys. I don't know how everyone else gives pills, but we like to put a little spray cheese on our finger and put the pill in it. They lick it off. With Jasmine it took a while to train her to not take your finger with it, but she learned. For a while she had the nickname of Pirahna. Sometimes we would use peanut butter if they spit the pill out as it is harder for them to spit it out.
My dalmation has been on Deramaxx for a couple of years. He had no ill effects. He loved the taste of it and would eat it right out of my hand. I was also advised to give it to him with food. If for some odd reason, he didn't eat breakfast, I wouldn't give him his pill. For economic reasons, we have switched to rimadyl. He seems to be doing fine on that too. If he doesn't get the meds, he has a hard time moving so freely.

I hope Sadie feels better soon!
Originally Posted By: Steph&Molly He loved the taste of it and would eat it right out of my hand.
Forgot all about how much Maggie loved the (liver-flavored) taste! Even when she wouldn't eat any food, she would eagerly take her Deramaxx.
Sparky takes a half a pill a day. About once a week, I have to cut the pills in half. All the dogs stand around me because they think I am cutting up treats because of the smell.
Glad to hear about all the Beagles that did well on Deramaxx. Our bottle is 25 mg tablets. I got a small sample size bottle and it was $18.00. Pricey medication. But worth it if it helps our Sadums. Do yours take 25 mg? Sadie weighs 38 pounds.
Glad Sadie is feeling better and hope the Deramaxx continues to help!
Prayers going out that Sadie responds well to the Deramaxx. I also had my shepherd mix on Deramaxx about 4 years ago for severe arthritis. It worked quite well for her without any side effects
Prayers sent that Sadie has no more significant issues with her hip.
Misty weighs less than Sadie, but 25 mg. is her dosage, too. She started at that, and we've maintained it. I really feel that it's helped her arthritic stiffness. At 14-1/2, she's naturally slowed down a lot, but still moves pretty good for an old girl.
OK, thank you all and thank you Sandy. I noticed the pills were scored so wondered if I should half it. But, I think not. I just hate that our poor Sadie has had back and hip problems already and is just 9.
Make sure you go to one of the on-line pharmacy's to get the Deramaxx. It really saves a lot compared to the vet.
Originally Posted By: Mom of 2 BeaglesI noticed the pills were scored so wondered if I should half it.
I am certain that your vet would have prescribed the correct dose for Sadie's weight. It is important to stick to that dosage in order for it to be effective. Hope it helps!
Thanks Judy, yes I know, I am just a worry wart.

Thanks Tucker's Dad for the tip about the on line pharamacy.
Hugs for Sadie I hope she is all better for you soon ((()))
I have come in late on this, but glad to hear Sadie is feeling a lot better. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.
Sadie's hip seems to be feeling better. However, I think the Deramaxx may be upsetting her tummy. I've been giving it to her with her breakfast. She has been eating grass often. I'll talk to the vet about it next week. They only gave us 7 Deramaxx tablets to try.
Tummy rubs for Miss Sadie. Glad that she is feeling better!
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