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Please pray for Sadie

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Sadie has hurt something. She is walking around with her tail down unable to get comfortable. She has mild hip dysplasia and has a bad disk. She must have aggravated something. She would not eat her breakfast, which is unusual. I'm going to have her down at the vet at 8:30 this morning. I want to take her to emergency vet, but I know I should hang in here and see our regular vet as they know her history. I'll let you know something later. Be thinking about our brave girl that everything seems to happen to her.
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I'm so sorry Sadie is having problems - it is so sad to see a Beagle walking around with it's tail down - you know they don't feel good. You and Sadie have my prayers that she is better soon.

Shiloh B. has problems in his tailbone and his tail - two totally missing disks and another with a bone spur. He is 6 y.o. and has only had two episodes in his life where it got to the point that he carried his tail - not just down but held tightly between his legs. He was walking around, so forlorn. But he appears to be good now - tail uuup and zooming around the livingroom with Shasta B. whenever he can - I do put a limit on it though. And it hasn't put a stop to him wanting to get loose from me and chase rabbits.

Prayers for Sadie

And doing what you are doing - keeping her quiet and the Rimadyl is the best thing right now.
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