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Please pray for Sadie

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Sadie has hurt something. She is walking around with her tail down unable to get comfortable. She has mild hip dysplasia and has a bad disk. She must have aggravated something. She would not eat her breakfast, which is unusual. I'm going to have her down at the vet at 8:30 this morning. I want to take her to emergency vet, but I know I should hang in here and see our regular vet as they know her history. I'll let you know something later. Be thinking about our brave girl that everything seems to happen to her.
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I gave her her Rymydly. She is feeling a little better. I've got the lights off and laying with her on the floor. I am more suspectful of her hip. She has been pulling one hip to the side sometimes when she first awakens. Like it is cramped or caught.
Back from the vet. The vet examined her whole body and her only pain is in the hip. She has somehow aggravated that hip. She has mild hip dysplasia. We were given a new anti-inflammatory called Dermax. Anyone had any experience with it? She is feeling fine now. She is to take it easy.
Judy, I'm glad you have used Deramaxx. The vet said Rimydly is similiar to humans taking a Advil, but this Deramaxx is like a human taking a Celebrex. I'm to give her one in the morning with her breakfast as she already had a Rimadyl this morning. I'm hoping to just give this to ease this hip and then get back off it.

Does this Deramaxx cause any tummy distress?

She was fine when I brought her home from the vet. Almost didn't take her because she was feeling better after the Rimadly. But I wanted to be sure nothing real serious is going on. I've never seen Sadie turn down breakfast like she did this morning.
Good to hear that Misty takes it too with no ill effects. I am always leary of starting them on any new medications. Thanks!!
Glad to hear about all the Beagles that did well on Deramaxx. Our bottle is 25 mg tablets. I got a small sample size bottle and it was $18.00. Pricey medication. But worth it if it helps our Sadums. Do yours take 25 mg? Sadie weighs 38 pounds.
OK, thank you all and thank you Sandy. I noticed the pills were scored so wondered if I should half it. But, I think not. I just hate that our poor Sadie has had back and hip problems already and is just 9.
Thanks Judy, yes I know, I am just a worry wart.

Thanks Tucker's Dad for the tip about the on line pharamacy.
Sadie's hip seems to be feeling better. However, I think the Deramaxx may be upsetting her tummy. I've been giving it to her with her breakfast. She has been eating grass often. I'll talk to the vet about it next week. They only gave us 7 Deramaxx tablets to try.
1 - 9 of 38 Posts
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