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Please pray for Sadie

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Sadie has hurt something. She is walking around with her tail down unable to get comfortable. She has mild hip dysplasia and has a bad disk. She must have aggravated something. She would not eat her breakfast, which is unusual. I'm going to have her down at the vet at 8:30 this morning. I want to take her to emergency vet, but I know I should hang in here and see our regular vet as they know her history. I'll let you know something later. Be thinking about our brave girl that everything seems to happen to her.
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She probably hurt her back if the tail is down. keep her still and quiet until you get to your regular vet.

Our thoughts are with lil Sadie.
I'm sorry to read that Sadie's having problems. Will say prayers for her.
Sorry to hear about Miss Sadie! Sounds like new prescription is Deramaxx. I much prefer that over Rimadyl as there are some scary reports out there on side effects with Rimadyl. I had given Maggie Deramaxx for arthritic pain and she responded well to it. Am wondering if vets use Adequan injections for hip dysplasia -- Maggie had a series of four one year for arthritis in her back knee and response was super.
Our Misty has been taking Dermaxx for several years, and has had no ill effects from it. I do make sure to give it to her with food as that's what I was told to do when she first started taking it.
Definitely sending some happy thoughts Sadie's way. I hope she's feeling better soon. I used Deramaxx with Amber and never had any ill effects.
Originally Posted By: Steph&Molly He loved the taste of it and would eat it right out of my hand.
Forgot all about how much Maggie loved the (liver-flavored) taste! Even when she wouldn't eat any food, she would eagerly take her Deramaxx.
Misty weighs less than Sadie, but 25 mg. is her dosage, too. She started at that, and we've maintained it. I really feel that it's helped her arthritic stiffness. At 14-1/2, she's naturally slowed down a lot, but still moves pretty good for an old girl.
Originally Posted By: Mom of 2 BeaglesI noticed the pills were scored so wondered if I should half it.
I am certain that your vet would have prescribed the correct dose for Sadie's weight. It is important to stick to that dosage in order for it to be effective. Hope it helps!
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