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Please help with puppy's health

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My 14 weeks puppy got a runny nose, yellow eyes discharge and sneezes all the time. I can see a soft poop too. His mood hasn't changed and he is eating fine and playfull. I am worried. I have an appointment in 6 days for his last shots.. should take him to the vet or wait ? We went to the beach last week and i gave him a bath (it was a bit cold that day) it started 3 days later.
Is it spring allegies, kennell caugh or a cold ????
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I think a vet visit couldn't hurt. Let us know how the little guy is doing.
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Could very well be a cold.

Our current 'puppy' (20 month old Rottie mix) we also had to let out sooner/when we brought him home. We're in a high rise apartment in Toronto, so he HAD to go out. Lots of dogs in our building, but we did our best. He was 13.5 weeks when we adopted him but behind on his shots.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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