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PJ Update and a question

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This Memorial Day weekend marks the 1st anniversary of PJ's A-day. Here's a recent pic of him.

My question involves a skin issue. Last night, I was running my fingers through the fur on his back and noticed a bunch of little bumps on his skin. They are small, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter. He has a cluster of about 10-20 on each side of his back from the middle torso to the tail. A little closer look at them reveals that some of the bigger one are red in color, and some are the same color as his skin. I'd liken them to human pimple/acne.

I took him to the dog park for about an hour on Sunday, then to the groomer from the park to get a bath and brush. I also washed all of his bedding Sunday.

Has anyone seen anything like that on his/her beagle? My first guess would be that this is some kind of allergic reaction to the groomer's shampoo, but he didn't have this problem the last time he came back from there.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I look and felt at the bumps this morning and they don't seem to be any worse, so I'll just keep an eye on them for now. PJ seems to be acting normal, and is not scratching/biting at them.
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Sorry, I don't have a clue about the little bumps. So they seem to itch? I'm sure someone else will be able to help.
But I wanted to say what a darling picture of PJ!! He sure is focused on that ball! :hi:
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