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Pictures of Daisy's tummy

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These are a before and after she got into her food and gorged herself.


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Oh goodness! She really did enjoy her feast! LOL! She kind of has that I'm too full look in the after pic too.
I bet she didn't feel very good for a while.
She actually was still running... errrr.. waddling quickly around the backyard. Though she did sleep REALLY well afterward and there was much pooing the next day. LOL
She looks like I do after Thanksgiving! LOL
LOL!!! I have to just laugh because Toby has done that before, too! He looked like a stuffed sausage!!
That reminds me of one of the things I read about beagles after I got Shiloh--A beagle can polish off a 20-lb. bag of dog food and then try to convince you that he's starving!!

She sure is a pretty girl--overfull tummy or not!!
Oh, sure, I recognize that little pouch! Cobi gets that when he gorges himself too. Little darlings!
'I can't beleive I ate that whole thing... LOL!
Oh so funny

She probably paid with indigestion later.
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Well, fortunately for her she's already on a regular Pepcid regimen, so she probably felt pretty good
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