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When creating a new thread or response, you'll see a File Manager link on the Full Reply or New Post page. When selecting this option you'll receive a popup which will allow you to attach files to your post.

1. Click File Manager to bring up the Attachment window.
2. Click Browse to bring up the file browser window; this will allow you to browse your computer for any files or images you wish to upload; please note that you're bound by whatever the allowed file type setting is for the board.
3. Click open on the file you wish to upload.
4. Enter a description of what the file is (if you want to).
5. Click add file to add another file, or done to close the window and complete your posting.

Please note that you must enter some text in both the subject and post fields when responding otherwise you will receive an error; you cannot just respond with an attachment

Also you can find help instructions by clicking on FAQ in the menu bar of every page of this site and / or going to the How To section of this message board.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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