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Hello everyone,

Here are some pictures of my little girl, Remington. Well, she's not so little anymore. She turned 4 in September but she'll always be my baby. I got her when she was 8 weeks old.

Picture Captions:

1. Day we brought Remy home in Nov 2014. She's 8-weeks old in this photo.
2. Two weeks after we brought her home. She's 10-weeks old here.
3. Picture of her in her purple sweater. She's coming back from her first vet check-up.
4. Remy playing with her toy.
5. Remy and my dad at Death Valley Nat'l Park in March 2015. Lowest spot in North America. She was about 6 months old here. We took her on a road trip all across the Southwest.
6. Remy with her best friend Julio the cat. Julio and Remy would go on walks together, chase each other and take naps together. Unfortunately, Julio went out hunting one night last summer and never came home. We think he might have gotten eaten by coyotes (there are a lot around here). Remy tries to play with our other cats but they want nothing to do with her. :(
7. Remy just being her funny self.
8. Remy taking a nap. She's a year old in this photo.
9. Remy thinking she's a cat and sleeping on top of the couch. This photo was taken last year.
10. In this photo, we had just picked up Remy from the pet sitter back in March. We found the sitter on Rover.com and she's awesome. She's taken care of Remy a few times over the past three years while I went on vacation and is going to watch her again in January while I go on a cruise.
cute :love:
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