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Here's a few pics of the little man. He's doing very well. Charlie has almost accepted him, but he's much better than he was a week ago.

Bailey now goes and sits by the back door and we let him out to do his business. Not bad for being here for one week. I find when he knows he needs to go, he'll sit by the door, but he still has what I call, anxious pees. Last night he was out of it, on the sofa, and when he woke up, I was not in the room, and I heard him crying, went in, and he had peed. I could tell it wasn't a posed pee, as it was little dribbles all over the sofa. He is not getting sofa priviledges at the moment.

He has been sleeping through the night since Friday. I wake up at 6.30am and ask my husband if he had to get up as I didn't hear Bailey, but my husband says he didn't have to wake up either, and I'm sure we would hear him, as he's on my side of the bed.

He's settled in really well for the 10 nights he's been here and we are not sleep deprived anymore.

Bailey has now found his voice, although we've only heard him bark twice. It's when Charlie barks at him to leave his bone alone. Bailey will bark back. What's so funny is that he'll bark, pounce, then roll over, then repeat the process. I have it on video but haven't downloaded yet.

Enjoy the few pics. The Dalmation one is cute. My youngest is into horses and dogs and kindly gave Bailey this chair for a bed and Bailey loves it!

Bailey @ 8 weeks
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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