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Well I took Summer and Kali to the PBM on Sunday. About 14 others showed up with their beagles. Summer was the social butterfly, sniffing and getting rubs from everyone. Kali did well. She was fine with all the other beagles. The star of the show though was Mabel. She is a 12 year old rescue that for 11 years was a breeding bitch at a puppy mill in Virginia. She was pregnant when they rescuued her last year (yes... pregnant at 11). She is blind in both eyes due to glaucoma and tumors. Yet she walked around sniffing and exploring. She even came when called. She is a special little lady.


The pack is trying to figure out what a Puggle is.

mabel and Summer

More of the pack
(all photos by Jen - Meetup organizer)

More picks can be found here:
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