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I know of two people who have recently had bad experiences adopting from petfinder. A friend from work got a puppy from a "rescue" in Weathersford Texas. I know it was foolish to get a puppy from so far away when we have many rescues here but that is what she did. The puppy arrived covered in ticks, and with severe coccidia. My friend is afraid to complain because she signed a contract allowing them to take the puppy back for anything they deem to be a just cause. Just today, I heard from a friend that she is getting a puppy from a litter her neighbor's dog just had. These neighbors drove from western Washington to Eastern Washington to adopt a white german shepherd from a rescue. It sounded legitimate. They had to take all family members with them, including their male german shepherd and vet references. Their papers say the white shepherd is spayed, however she just had a litter of puppies (their male is the father). The mom is only 10 months old. They are afraid to complain because they also signed a contract. They had planned to get the male neutered but weren't in a rush as he is in a securely fenced large yard and they believed the female to be spayed. The vets in both of these cases believe these to be puppy mill dogs.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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