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Judy, that was a real scam eMail. You are right, you have to know everything about a person before you hand over a pup.
When we found homes for pups, we made lists of the people interested and were very stict. We insisted on the following:
1. Someone had to be at home, i.e. not go to work.
2. There had to be a garden.
3. They had to explain what they would do with the dog if they went on holiday.
4. They had to agree to let us find a home if they couldnt keep the dog at some future date. (only one came back out of 12)
5. We had the pups vacinated, and today we would have them microchipped, and charged the new owners. If someone gets something for nothing they sometimes have no respect for the animal. We handed over a vacination pass with the pup.
6. we went and inspected the would be owners and their homes.
Lost a few friends when we refused to hand them a pup but the pups interest was all we cared about.

Good luck with finding your homes. It hurts parting with them.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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