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Quote:Originally posted by threedognight:
Judi, If you do get a response, please let us know! FYI: Paypal has a really good page on spotting spam e-mail. I found out after repeated e-mails from "Paypal" asking me to re-enter my information! Hug those pup for us!
I've gotten those too, 3dog. Since I have never had any dealings with Paypal I knew they didn't have any information on me, so promptly marked it as Spam and Yahoo deleted it. You just have to always watch out for stuff like this on the net. Honestly, between spammers and internet vandals (people who send out viruses)it's scometimes scary out there on the information superhighway!! Yes, these people so need a life! :angry:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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