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petfinder scam type thing

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I got this in my email, I had just posted an ad on petfinder today, got one really nice email from a family looking for a beagle pup, but thenI got this one, definitely a cut/paste type deal. hubby thought I should post it here, see if anyone else gets emails like this. Anyhow..


Am interested in adopt your pet which i saw on the internet
( petfinder.com) and i would like to know the conditions of the pet ,
and probably arrange for payment to get to you asap and also arrange for
the pick up once payment is confirmed by you. ( I BASED IN DALLAS TEXAS WITH MY FAMILY ) Please acknowledge the offer and i will have the funds
remitted to you as soon as possible, and i'll like this transaction to
be kept in outmost trust, Kindly reply back to me with your last
asking price ? also a picture of the pet, I promise
the pet a lovely home. Thanks and God Bless..... ..........

Sick huh, I can only imagine what is going on there. PS-I didnt even mention "paying" for the pups, just finding them good homes, I posted it in the adoptable pets section
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That is odd and kinda scary! If I was going to get a puppy then I would tell a little about myself,my family and my reasoning for wanting one. Not just money, because that does not buy happiness :angryfire: Good thing you are looking out for their best interest and not an easy way to make a quick dollar.
Last asking price?? some people....

My friend almost got scammed this week but luckily she asked me about it first. She posted an ad looking for a border collie lab mix puppy. Someone e-mailed her about it saying that they had a pupu for her and all she had to do was send the money to him and the dog would be on the next flight out to her. YA RIGHT!! I know people who got sucked into this scam.

I really wish some people would just get a life!!!
Something definitely stinks! :conf6:
Almost sounds like the precursor to sending a certified check (bogus, of course)for too much money, and then asking you to return the overpayment. :conf12:
Definitely a scam. NO specifics such as your name, misspellings all over, and none of their contact information. Just for grins, I'd ask them for THIER contact information.
Quote:Originally posted by threedognight:
Definitely a scam. NO specifics such as your name, misspellings all over, and none of their contact information. Just for grins, I'd ask them for THIER contact information.
Interesting thought 3dog--- wonder what kind of email I would get back in return. You almost hate that though, because obviously now my email is out in the open too. Should have opened a temp email just for this, but I didnt. Oh well, I guess I know now. I will email them and see what kind of response I get, LOL
Here is what I wrote back to them.. good thing I am a fast typer.
Hi there

I am wondering if you are familiar with beagles. I am not quick to part with my puppies so I am wanting to get more info on you before I would let any of my pups go to someone I don't know. Do you have a vet picked out already? Do you have other pets in the home? How did you plan on getting the pups to Dallas, TX? I assume you would either come get one or you would have someone pick them up and take them out there as they would not be shipped of course, that is inhumane. Do you have room in your home for a growing puppy? How do you plan on feeding the puppy-as in what type of food ? Do you have children and how do they deal with puppies? What kind of a home do you have in Dallas, TX? Do you have a big fenced in yard for a growing pup? Would you have her neutered when she was old enough?

These are all things I need answered. Thanks


Think that would scare off any one that is a scam artist? the email is [email protected] just an FYI

Well, off to tuck my pups into bed and get snuggled in myself, ok, well snuggle up with a Mental Health Nursing textbook to cram with, haha
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Judi, If you do get a response, please let us know! FYI: Paypal has a really good page on spotting spam e-mail. I found out after repeated e-mails from "Paypal" asking me to re-enter my information! Hug those pup for us!
I know of two people who have recently had bad experiences adopting from petfinder. A friend from work got a puppy from a "rescue" in Weathersford Texas. I know it was foolish to get a puppy from so far away when we have many rescues here but that is what she did. The puppy arrived covered in ticks, and with severe coccidia. My friend is afraid to complain because she signed a contract allowing them to take the puppy back for anything they deem to be a just cause. Just today, I heard from a friend that she is getting a puppy from a litter her neighbor's dog just had. These neighbors drove from western Washington to Eastern Washington to adopt a white german shepherd from a rescue. It sounded legitimate. They had to take all family members with them, including their male german shepherd and vet references. Their papers say the white shepherd is spayed, however she just had a litter of puppies (their male is the father). The mom is only 10 months old. They are afraid to complain because they also signed a contract. They had planned to get the male neutered but weren't in a rush as he is in a securely fenced large yard and they believed the female to be spayed. The vets in both of these cases believe these to be puppy mill dogs.
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I'm sure there are lots of disreputable rescues out there and for sure some my use petfinder as a tool, but I do also know that there are many, many reputable rescues that do also use petfinder so I hope people don't write them off entirely... for example Moosie is a petfinder dog from a great rescue in central Washington.

Perhaps Petfinder has a process to lodge complaints or concerns about experiences people have had (maybe even on a no-names basis) rather than going back to the rescue directly - they definitely would have a vested interest in ensuring rescues that use their site are not misrepresenting dogs, etc. Unless someone lets them know other people could end up having he same problems.

And I agree that something definitely smells strange with the response on the puppies...

Its a scam. I got exactly like that a while ago. I too replied and got no response. I did a google search on the first line and got these hits:



One is listed as by Robin Cole, the other is Kerry Brown, yet both emails are identical down to sentance structure.

My suggestion, block it and trash it.

If you ever get an email about a animal you are trying to help and they only say "pet" and make no reference to the species, breed, name of the animal, or anything from your post or listing, its a phishing scam.
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Judy, that was a real scam eMail. You are right, you have to know everything about a person before you hand over a pup.
When we found homes for pups, we made lists of the people interested and were very stict. We insisted on the following:
1. Someone had to be at home, i.e. not go to work.
2. There had to be a garden.
3. They had to explain what they would do with the dog if they went on holiday.
4. They had to agree to let us find a home if they couldnt keep the dog at some future date. (only one came back out of 12)
5. We had the pups vacinated, and today we would have them microchipped, and charged the new owners. If someone gets something for nothing they sometimes have no respect for the animal. We handed over a vacination pass with the pup.
6. we went and inspected the would be owners and their homes.
Lost a few friends when we refused to hand them a pup but the pups interest was all we cared about.

Good luck with finding your homes. It hurts parting with them.
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Quote:Originally posted by threedognight:
Judi, If you do get a response, please let us know! FYI: Paypal has a really good page on spotting spam e-mail. I found out after repeated e-mails from "Paypal" asking me to re-enter my information! Hug those pup for us!
I've gotten those too, 3dog. Since I have never had any dealings with Paypal I knew they didn't have any information on me, so promptly marked it as Spam and Yahoo deleted it. You just have to always watch out for stuff like this on the net. Honestly, between spammers and internet vandals (people who send out viruses)it's scometimes scary out there on the information superhighway!! Yes, these people so need a life! :angry:
The things people will do! That is definitely a scam. Don't get down on Petfinder though. They can be great. I first found the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue on Petfinder. However, after I found the Beagle that interested me (she was adopted before I was approved to adopt), I went directly to their website to check them out. Eventually they got a litter of puppies and I got my Jersey and it all worked out for the best! :heart:
M&S's dad-your right, it was from that Kerry Brown. Anyhow, got another one tonight and went ahead and marked it as spam right away. Have not gotten anything back from that other email. if its phishing I wonder what they get from my yahoo email then.
Well, so far things are going good on petfinder though-just 2 junk prank emails so far!
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