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After a lot of research, I just purchased a policy with Petcare. They are the only group I could find that does not exclude anything considered hereditary. However when the policy arrived last week the cover letter said that they would fully underwrite the policy at the time of the first claim. That made me kind of nervous because I could pay for insurance for six of seven years and then at the time of underwriting they could decide to exclude all kinds of things. I called and talked to a very nice rep. Since I had already faxed Maggie's medical records, she said they would go ahead and underwrite the policy and mail me a list of any exclusions. It will probably be two weeks before I know. Maggie has had two medical issues. As a pup she had Giardia. I am not worried about that one. Last September, when my dad was with her she started to shriek and cry and hide her head. When she wouldn't stop, he took her to the vet. They could not find anything even when manipulating all her joints and taking her out to walk and run. My dad has a cut in his field of vision since having a stroke, and I suspect he may have unknowingly stepped on her foot. Anyway I am afraid they may try to exclude some things based on that even though the vet record says he could not find a cause. She was on 4 days of anti-inflamatory and has had no symptoms since. If they put too many exclusions on this policy I may go with VPI. Some people on another group I belong to have that plan and are happy. However they will not cover anything they deem to be hereditary. I have done a lot of research on the major plans and have talked with people on another forum who have insurance so if you have a question about a specific company feel free to PM me and I will be glad to share any info I have.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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