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We're starting to look into getting pet insurance, so I was wondering what others' experiences have been (in the US, please /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif ). I wanted to know which companies are good, how easy is it to file claims, how they handle whether a condition is pre-existing, and how quickly you get re-imbursed, etc. VPI looks to be the largest insurer, but I know there are several others out there. Thanks!

Several years back when I only had Ajax, I signed him up with 'VPI'. The plan he was on was what they told me was 'the most popular'. When he had emergency (night before Thanksgiving!) Bladder Surgery for Bladder Stones, it cost me $2500. VPI only covered about 1/2. I don't remember the issues and reasons why, but I wasn't happy with their customer service. Plus, they are expensive.

Now, for all three of my animals I have \'PetCare Pet Insurance\' . They are inexpensive and pay promptly. The Oregon Humane Society (well actually 'Petcare' does) gives new adopters 2 free months of pet insurance through 'PetCare', when they adopt a new pet. I used it on Gypsy when she had a tooth pulled a couple months back.

Those are two that I know of... hope that helps!
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