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Parlez-vous Doggish?

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Pop found a good book recently that covers understanding a dogs body-language! It reinforces what we have learned over time & multipule dogs between us! Look for "How to speak dog" by Stanley Coren. This book gets "2 paws-up" from us, & we have Snapper to thank for most of what we have learned about beags! Snapper was a beag/fox terrier mix...but a beag @ heart & Goober has been a very close copy of him for nearly 15 yrs! (If you are new here)...Goober is our oldest living beag...but he is the first dog that our family has owned where we knew his "actual birthday",(12-april-1992)! :thumbup:
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Thanks Red!
I'm gonna' add that to my list of 'must reads'!

Like many dog owners, I spend a lot of time just watching Cal and Mags. I have learned to read some of their body language, which makes it easier to head off bad behavior.

I'm definitely gonna' find that book! :thumbup:
Thanks Red, I am going to buy that book. The book is found on Amazon if anyone trying to find the book to purchase it...

Btw...I neglected to mention that Rufus turned 11 last month as he was adopted by Pop in 1997 @ 1 yr old. And Nibbler turned 7 in january, & Homer-the-Huge will be 5 yrs old in june! Next weekend Pop & I will take Goober & Homer to Falls Park for a "walkie" & an ice-cream from dairy-queen! :thumbup: :hapfac01:
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