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Panting and Shivering

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Corey just finished eating a treat I set up for him. Soup (beef stew type thing) that I had left over from lunch and dog food. He came in and sat next to my feet where I noticed him shivering uncontrollably and panting. When I called him up onto the couch he moved slowly as if he didn't want to jump up. He just jumped down and headed over to his crate. I'm a little worried about him.
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May want to call your vet. Clearly there is some type of stomach discomfort going on. How old is Corey? Was the soup too hot?
Hmm, what was in the soup? Maybe one of the ingredients used upset him? I too suggest calling the vet, better safe than sorry.

Please keep us posted.
I was at work before getting these. The soup he's had before with out this type of reaction. It's been eight-nine hours and he's still looking sad. If he's still looking bad tomorrow I'm going to take him in. Oh and he's going on two.
Oh and he's drinking on his own.
Were there any different ingredients this time? Dogs aren't good with onions - maybe there was more added than usual?? Hope he feels better soon and that the vet can shed some light on the problem- poor Corey x
how is everything with Corey?
I have a happy puppy!!!! He's acting for the most part like his usual self. Got him to eat. Not sure if he wasn't eating or what (not much of an opportunity) but he hadn't eaten since he was fed the soup and kibble yesterday. Today he ate with gusto and he's up moving around again. He still seems a little down but so much better then yesterday.
Thanks for all the help guys.
Glad he is feeling better, could have been anything that upset his tummy, it happens!
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