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Quote:Originally posted by Spencer's Mum:
Quote:Originally posted by GloverCharlie:
I would never buy a pet from a pet store except for one here in Australia called Petworks

They have medically trained staff taking care of the animals and then store staff to take care of the others. Their animals always look healthy and well taken care of. I wish there where more of them!
Have you ever thought about where these dogs come from before they are at the store? They are from puppy mills. They live in horrible conditions and it is cruel really. By purchasing from a pet store, you are supporting a puppy mill. They will tell you that they come from breeders but they don't. They might have "registration" papers but they don't mean anything either.

Sorry, I won't go into a rant on puppy mills but it is definitely something worth doing some research on.
I know I am probably in the minority with my opinion, but I don't think it's really fair to say that every pet store dog is the product of a puppy mill. It is far too common, but if you put some due diligence into checking the background of the dog (how it was procured/delivered, and who the original breeder was) you can figure out if the dog came from an acceptable home or not.

Honestly, I am just as suspect of any backyard breeder dog than I am of a pet store dog. Due diligence is required in ANY case that you adopt an animal, from the pet store, a breeder, or the humane society. Find out everything you can before you make your decision!
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