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Just a rant on this particular pet store. A co-worker told me this story so I thought I would pass it on. She has a 3 month old puppy, and her roommate decided to get a puppy as well. Instead of going to a reputable breeder she got the puppy at PJ'S. This should have been a huge warning sign, but in the cage with the puppy was stool with blood. They were told the pups had been on Quarantine, and were now o.k. They brought home the dog, and surprise more blood and whining. They went to the vet who said it was a bacterial infection, and to remove the other dog immediately. The roommate clearly upset went to Pj's and wanted her money back and to return the pup she had over 2 days grown attached to. They told her she could only get half her money back!!My coworker apparently went down with her and spoke to the manager and finally got the full refund. This poor puppy was just put back in a cage WITH OTHER PUPPY'S!! They probably went on to resell the pup to someone else. It makes me very angry. I am unsure what kind of infection it was. :angryfire:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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