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I will say I have a problem with the general statement: "Never buy a dog from a pet store."

First, it generalizes all pet stores. Not all deal with puppy mills.

Second, that puppy or adolescent dog in that store did nothing wrong. It just ended up in a pet store (from a mill or otherwise). To me, it deserves a good home as much as any other full bred dog with papers.

If it was me, I NEVER would have given it back. I would have taken it to a vet, had its problems diagnosed, and then charged/sued the pet store for the costs. And yes, I would notify the SPCA, local Humane Society and Animal Control. This way I know the pup/dog I brought home would not suffer again.

... but that is just me.

Oh... and if that pup would be found to have serious health issues, we would deal with it. Once we take responsibility for a life, there is no going back. Again thats just me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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