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Hey there! I have a question. I have had this problem since I first got Marley, but it's gotten worse lately. Whenever I come home, she is so excited to see me, she howls, barks, jumps all over me, and sometimes bites me. I know it's not aggressive, because she'll jump on me and lick me. It's like she's so excited she can't contain herself. But there seems to be no way to calm her down. If I ignore her, she'll come after me until I pay attention to her. Sometimes she accidentally scratches my face or bites pretty hard. She gets excited to see anyone she knows, but I'm really the only one she does this to. She is usually very polite and submissive when meeting new people. Any suggestions on how to calm her down?
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I don't know if this will work for you but it worked for our beag when we would come home. Fin would do the exact same thing as Marley(love that name, btw). When I get home I sort of ignore him and don't make eye contact, because its impossible to get his leash on with his squirming and tail-wagging. Anyways, after about 3 minutes of me going about my business he calms down and I ask him to sit before I put the leash on him.

I read somewhere that if you show them attention when they are in such a wired state that it will make they more hyper. Even though this may be the opposite situation, it doesn't hurt to try anything. Good luck and remember to show your beag the love he obviously has for you.
Laxmobster is right, and as soon as our pups learned sit, we made them sit before they got petted, and if they jump up or dont sit we ignore them and turn away for a couple minutes!
Laxmobster is right. No matter how difficult it is you must ignore this behavior and only when the dog is calm and relaxed can you pay attention to Marley. Then Marley will learn that only if he is sitting calmly will you say hello to him.
Ditto to the others. My beagle also did that when he was a pup. What I did (and still do) was that when I got home, I ignored him no matter how hard he tried to get my attention. I went about my business like putting things away, getting a drink of water, etc. and not having eye contact with the dog. I could see that he calmed down and even sat on the floor waiting for me to notice him. After a few minutes I would let him come to me.

I hope that helps /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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My Buddy reacts with this overexcitement when anyone comes near him. I thought that it was him just being a pup, now a 1 year old or maybe since he is not around many different people, he would grow out of it. He has not grown out of it and he also seems to be getting worse. I will also try to ignore him, then praise him for sitting calmly....
Thanks all, I will definitely try the ignoring thing again. I've tried before... but probably not hard enough. It's just so hard to ignore her when I see how excited she is to see me! But I don't want this to get worse, so I'll try harder. Thanks again!
If I remember right, I think I was told that basically your pup thinks you are one of the pack, or even the pack leader, and that is their way of greeting you.
My Harley jumps up on me too, and actually uses me as a bouncing board practically, which is not good when he is a 21" tall 40+ lb beagle mix who loves to jump! Yikes, bout knock a gal over!

They just want you to know you are loved and missed, but yes, you have to just completely turn away. the eye contact is a big thing too. After a few very strict times, your pup will understand better!

Judi and the gang
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