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Our little boy is growing up fast!!

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I had him to the vet on Friday for a second round of deworming...he was 5.7 lbs at 7 weeks and now at 9 weeks he weighs 8.3 lbs!! His collar isn't getting tighter yet, but we can sure see it in his legs and his length! (I'll post a recent pic this week!)

His mama is a 13/20 lb beagle and his dad is about 43 lbs of bagle! I wonder how Rocky will turn out?!

We also had him up to our trailer for the first time this weekend and he loved it! Very good traveller (a 2 hr drive) and he really liked being outside. Not so big on walking though...every time I tok him out hubby asked if we were going for a drag. He hated walking away from the trailer! I had to carry him most of the way, but when we turned around to go back, he trotted along as happy as could be. Sheesh! I thought beagles were supposed to like walks??

He was very sociable too...wanted to meet every human and have a good sniff at every dog. I am so glad!
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I know the feeling about the drag. Our first beagle Cleo hated to be on the leash. She was real slow anyway (old). One day we took her to a lighthouse on the Oregon coast and she refused to walk to the lighthouse because the path had rocks. I had to carry her for quite a way and she was about 37lbs. Once we got to the lighthouse and grass, she walked fine.
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