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Our first experience - UGH!

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seems that Regal expressed his anal glands last night. I woke up this morning to take him out and noticed a wet spot on our comforter. Although there's a sheet over it for him to lie in, it doesn't stay in place.

So off came the comforter cover to go in the wash and the comforter is already dropped at the cleansers. The smell is horrific.

I was annoyed that this happened on our bed - but then thought if he had done it elsewhere I may not have noticed immediately and gone nuts trying to track the odor down.

Luckily, the weather here is gorgeous so he forced me to get a jump on my spring cleaning!
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oh wow, that doesn't sound too pleasant, but the good part is that i'm sure regal feels much better now
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Been there before. You might want to see if his anals are completely empty other wise it will happen again...trust me.
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thanks for the tip - he's going for a groom next week - or does it need to be done sooner?
you're welcome....uhh...I would probably take him before if you can. It's up to you. In the past, before I learned how to do it myself, Coco would have accidents all the time and then have another one again the following day or so.
You could wait too so that you don't make 2 trips, however, just make sure you place an old blank where ever he sits/lays.
I bought some crib blankets (don't what they are called) for babies. They are made of fabric but has a thin plastic lining in the middle. I suppose they are meant to put under the baby to not wet the bed if they have an accdient. They are easy to wash and wouldn't stain your couch, comforter, etc. I found them at Walmart, but I am sure that they carry them anywhere they have baby items. Hope this works
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