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At last posting, we were preparing to hand over Bailey to his hew owners, after fostering him for almost 6 months. We were very sad to see him go, but hopeful that his new home would be great.

Saturday, we dropped him off. I was able to keep my composure until that last minute, then sobbed while I said goodbye. Thank goodness that Ernie was with me, and volunteered to drive, or else I probably couldn't. It got so bad that I actually hyperventilated for a few minutes when we got back in the car - something I've rarely EVER done from being upset. We had a horrible weekend, both welling up every time we passed something in the house that reminded us of the little guy. Even Ruby seemed to miss him. She kept wandering the house looking for him every time we came home.

Monday morning, I was finally starting to feel a little better. Then, the unthinkable happened...

I got an email from the new owners, saying that, after just two days, they realized that it was too much for them to care for a dog, and they wanted to give him back!!! I almost fell off my chair. We drove back that night to get him. The couple felt so bad that they gave us everything they bought him, including a brand new walk-through gate, which we've been wanting for a while.

So, after this whole ordeal, and realizing how much we love him, we've decided to adopt Bailey ourselves, and officially become a two beagle home! And, the rescue won't charge us the adoption fee, since the other couple already paid it (its non-refundable). Plus we have a free new gate and more toys for Bailey.

It has been a long road for Bailey. He was a shy stray, with major people fear issues. Six months later, he's a different dog. His house training is almost complete, he runs and plays with Ruby, and cuddles with us every night. Bailey is a happy little boy. And now he's ours. It just seems like it was meant to be.

Is this a happy ending or what?


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