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Oh my gosh those pictures are ADORABLE!!!!

We have two beagles as well, but we got them at the same time. They were picked up by animal control together and we decided not to separate them. It really is wonderful having two. They definitely keep each other company, play with each other, annoy each other.
I could sit and watch them play all day!! And when my hubby and I walk we each get one so that's nice.
As far as financially, if they're both healthy the overall cost isn't too bad. However, I would say the biggest thing is to make sure that if they were to both have issues you could handle it. Daisy's cost us quite a bit with some odd health issues but Rocky (fortunately) hasn't had anything but his routine shots, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick stuff. The few times we've boarded our two, they were in the same kennel and did just fine.

All that said... having two is GREAT!!

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