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yes go for it, we are still deciding about another one for Meg, but we are waiting to find the right one !. In the UK it is very hard to find a rescue beagle as they are not that popular here, so we are on the list for an 'older boy' to join our mental bouncey hyper meg who is 2. we need more of a plodder, a dog who is a bit laid back who will fit in with us. Meg gets 100 % devotion from us, she is hardly left alone, perhaps 2 to 3 hours max a fortnight, and goes out for 3 hours a day, split into 3 walks so doesnt want for anything. However, we want a companion for her and it has to be the right one. I wish we lived over there as im sure there would be loads of choice. We have been waiting for about 1 year and still havent found one ! 2 beags have to be twice the fun !
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