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Soooo I went to the humane society to just look...well I had thought about bringing a cat home then got scare since we already have one and Im not sure how he would do with another cat. When I had walked through the small dog room I saw a tag for a beagle but no beagle so i assumed it had been adopted. I asked about the beagle and the lady said she was just out for a walk want to meet her? of course I just had to so I met her and played with her outside in their fenced in area for a little bit. She is about 2-3 years old (max will b 2 in march), quite a bit smaller then our little guy max, max is about 28 pounds while shes only about 18-20 max and half the size of him heightwise.

Well my bf has agreed to meet her and if he likes her we will be bringing max to meet her PROBABLY....but I need advice on wether or not to have 2 beagles. I have tried to weigh the cons and pros... and Im also factoring the fact the max has terrible seperation anxiety. I kid you not I swears he thinks we are abandoning him whenever we leave the house and it's only getting worse (even to the point where after no accidents for monthes he had an accident the other day) We think that if we were to get another dog it will help max feel more secure when we leave, since he stayed with a friend for 2 weeks a while back and was fine during the day as long as her dog was with him when she went to work.

So I basically need advice and opinions from everyone...hopefully some experiences from everyone that has two beagles. Im a student and I work parttime, and my boyfriend works but our schedules are set up pretty opposite to eachother so the beags usually only home for max 4 hours alone (im a server and have pretty short shifts), max already goes every with us and if we were to leave and couldnt bring him he goes to a local kennel (which ive already spoke 2 and if we had 2 they would be boarded together in the same kennel).
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